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Bob Cunningham, President - Resume
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Pertinent Experience

Bob’s specialties include industrial cooling and boiler water, process water, water preparation and waste water treatment.

Bob has a special talent for solving difficult problems, and for working together with vendors and facility personnel to optimize water system operations.

Mr. Cunningham’s extensive experience in water management services includes:
  • Refinery & Petrochemical Systems:
    • 1965 – Present, designed, implemented, and serviced boiler, cooling water, process, and wastewater treatment programs and investigated damage and failure issues in a large percentage of the refinery and petrochemical facilities in North America.
    • 1982-1994, designed and serviced the water treatment program for the Isomax Division of the Chevron, El Segundo Refinery waste heat boilers and cooling systems. Corrected problems left by previous vendors and resolved issues caused by flow-assisted corrosion, fatigue corrosion and related issues.
    • Metallurgy, materials selection and equipment design problems.
    • Problems exaggerated due to process contamination.
    • Wastewater treatment systems, including API separators, DAF systems, IAF systems, and biological treatment plants.
    • Process corrosion and deposition issues.
    • Recovery of  reuse and wastewater from industrial and municipal systems as cooling tower make up.
Bob Cunningham
  • Electric utility steam systems:
    • Economizer, boiler, super heater, and turbine deposit and corrosion problems.
    • Unusual condensate corrosion problems.
    • Steam purity problems.
    • Velocity and multiple phase flow-accelerated corrosion phenomena.
  • Iron, steel, & basic metals systems: Work included low flow, high heat flux applications,  including blast furnace and continuous caster systems, plus wastewater.
  • HVAC systems in commercial and institutional buildings:
    • Corrosion, deposition, and biological problems, including legionellosis control.
    • Issues involving improper equipment design and materials selection, as well as faulty construction, hydrotesting, cleaning, passivation, and preservation.
  • Oil production systems, including steam floods:
    • Dissolved air flotation systems.
    • Clarification and filtration processes.
    • Boiler feedwater preparation.
    • Cooling and wastewater applications.
  • Food processing: 1965 – Present, designed, implemented, and serviced, dozens of  projects involved boiler, cooling, process water treatment including horizontal still retort,  continuous cooker, can washer, meal plant, and wastewater processing.
  • Paper Manufacturing: Developed and helped implement boiler and cooling water treatment programs in several major paper production facilities.
Positions Held
  • President, International Water Consultants, Inc., Grass Valley, CA
  • Principal Consultant, Arthur Freedman Associates, Grass Valley, CA
  • President and Chairman, Chemisis, Inc., Grass Valley, CA
  • Vice President, Industrial Group, Aqua Serv Engineers, Los Angeles, CA
  • Vice President, Marketing & Sales Zimmite Corporation, Cleveland, OH
  • Chemicals Marketing Manager, Baltimore Aircoil Co., Jessup, MD
  • R&D Group Manager, Corrosion Inhibitors, Calgon Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA
  • District Manager (Arco Performance & Betz Entec) and Area Manager (Betz Entec & Olin)
  • District Representative (Betz Entec & Olin)
  • Product Manager, Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals, Calgon Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Assistant Product Manager, Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals, Calgon Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Laboratory Technician, Raw Materials Lab, Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co., Springdale, PA
  • BS Chemistry 1964 – The University of Pittsburgh
  • MBA 1968 – University Of Pittsburgh
  • California Registered Professional Corrosion Engineer
  • Certified Corrosion Specialist, The National Association of Corrosion Engineers
  • HACCP Certified by USDA
Professional Societies
  • AISE, member.
  • ASHRAE, Member, Former Member Standard Committee 188P on legionellosis control.  Former voting member 188S.
  • ASME, member of Thermal Research Committee, Sub-Committee on Industrial Boiler Chemistry.
  • Association of Water Technologies, former member of Board of Directors.
  • Cooling Technology Institute, formerly President, Vice President, Chairman of the Water Treatment Committee and member of Board of Directors.
  • International Water Conference, Former Member, Advisory Board, recipient of the IWC Award of Merit, 2001
  • National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), formerly Vice Chairman, Chairman-Elect of Committee T-7A, Corrosion by Cooling Water, and National Symposium Chairman.
Litigation Support Experience
  • Expert Witness in multiple matters involving corrosion in institutional and commercial building water systems.
  • Expert Witness in multiple matters involving legionellosis acquired in building water systems
  • Expert Witness in multiple matters involving mesothelioma acquired in cooling towers ·        
  • Expert Witness in matters involving aspergillosis acquired in cooling tower systems. ·        
  • Expert Witness in matters involving the chemistry of potable, service, cooling, boiler, and waste water systems. ·        
  • Deposed multiple times in matters involving the above issues.
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