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International Water Consultants brings together a diverse range of specialists, bringing decades of experience to bear on solving today's water treatment problems.  We have helped hundreds of clients around the globe, across government, commercial and institutional and industrial applications. 
Our full range of services includes
  • Analysis of existing your existing water treatment issues
  • System and program design and specification
  • Comprehensive training of key personnel
  • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance
  • Expert witness testimony and litigation
Competencies include:
  • Developing cost-effective industrial water treatment programs and bid specifications
  • Providing 3rd-Party evaluation of water treatment programs
  • Performing root-cause and failure analysis of water-contacting equipment
  • Providing expert witness/litigation support
  • Conducting training programs both on-site and in seminar settings
  • Developing market studies
International Water Consultants is independent.  We sell no chemicals or equipment, allowing us to provide unbiased, professional consultation for your water treatment problems.
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